Pastoral Training


January - december, 2019 | equipping pastors and Christian leaders

The pastors and Christian leaders in underdeveloped countries are in dire need of sound biblical teaching and resources. The lack of training and resources makes them susceptible to harmful cultural influences such as false doctrine, witchcraft and tribal traditions. Very few of them are able to attend a Bible college or even acquire basic Bible training.

God has allowed us to develop a curriculum which is essentially a survey of the entire Bible. After being trained and certified these pastors are able to use this same training (in their own dialect) to train other pastors and Christian leaders. Our hope is to offer this training in several countries such as Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda, Haiti, Ecuador, Nepal and perhaps many more.

First and foremost we desire and desperately need your prayers. As our Lord Jesus once said, “Without Me you can do nothing” (John 15:5). Also, to provide this training, we need funds to purchase Bibles, laptops, projectors, printed study guides, translated books, flash drives, and to pay for shipping costs. Please join us as we try to address this need to equip pastors and Christian leaders to clearly share the good news of Christ throughout the world.